Say GoodBye

by Brandon Marcel

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As sunshine kisses her arms she awakens from her beauty sleep, Baby you dont have to leave over-stay your welcome/ Pedicured toes tip-toe to tinted windows, In such a hurry i failed to obtain her information// But look'a'here between my sheets Balenciaga wedges, for us to meet again was destined/ I dont question the situation we were made to live out this fairy-tale, my Cinderella and baby i hope you play her well// Cuz you a killer no connection to free'n willy, really i just hope we meet again like i want revenge/ saying goodbye to you really is far and few between, cuz when im far and in-between you you know how to please me// Cuz when i go to buy the Gin you know to buy the juice, and when i want to smoke a blunt you open up the roof// and when i want to sing a song we harmonize the notes/ and if i went and bought a boat i bet you'd buy the anchor// You hold me down, not in a bad way/ i tell her laugh now and wipe away your sad face// Cuz we got something real, true story/ I cant even lie, I cant say goodbye ma

Never can Say Goodbye x4

Is it wrong, is it wrong, is it wrong to want a super woman, my mother taught me shop for deals so im two for one'n/ an old soul who can cook and lay it down, but honestly ya trust and honesty are prolly most profound// And im in love with your intelligence an elegance can make a pretty face become irrelevant/ The hands of time will make it all fade, but personality I was told would never change// But you did, you treat my soul like a sole so you stepping on it/ But this aint something you can slide your orthopedic in// As if i ball im searching for a rebound and with no one to be found I understand you cant coach height// She was way to cool, to cool for school/ Wouldnt buckle up cuz the belt didnt match her shoes// So its no wonder why our love crashed, and if you ask me if true love lasts/ You know my answer//

Never can Say Goodbye x4


released July 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Brandon Marcel Fort Worth, Texas

After years of hard work, sculpting and earning the respect of others, he established himself as one of the top 'go to' artists in the area for a classic record, whether his vocals are needed for a sexy and passionate R&B hook or his rhymes and wisdom are needed for a Hip Hop collaboration. So keep your eyes and ears focused on Brandon Marcel as he creates his lane within the RnB/Hip Hop culture. ... more

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