Ocean Drive ft. Jave

by Brandon Marcel

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Produced by: Jared Royal


We riding, my hands roller-coast every curve on her body/ We lifted, so high i can see every star in my vision// So we drop the top on that ride, forget the hands on that time/ Enjoy the tent on that sky, yea//

Windows down enjoying what im feeling/ Im just tryna chill so dont you kill my vibe// Speeding down tha lane how im living/ I just wanna live a carefree life so I ocean drive// We dont five a fuck as we ocean drive/ please dont kill my vibe as I ocean drive//

Cups on the floor, blunts rolled tight/ my popps always partied so for me its only right// Tryna get away but its hard to escape/ when you trapped in a cage full of hurt its a maze// Pain in my cup, i drink it all away/ I didnt black out i just feel a bit dazed// but it feel a lot better when you chilling with some girls/ and i give'em this dick cuz they say they want the world// Im zooted muhfuck, im all in my zone/ I dont think before i act i just say it off the dome// Got my hands up high with my hands to a cloud/ neighbors cant sleep cuz the music playing loud// Just chillin with my crowd, i stay with my posse/ Cops down the street but it still dont stope me// Smoke in my lungs, body feel numb/ keep sippin this drank, the night is till young im gone with my//


No no cuz you dont know my pain/ Our life aint the same, so watch me smoke this blunt in tha coupe// Only got one life to live, and carefree how i feel/ Cuz thats how me and my niggas do//



released July 1, 2013
Produced by: Jared Royal
Written by: Brandon Marcel and Carlos Ugarte



all rights reserved


Brandon Marcel Fort Worth, Texas

After years of hard work, sculpting and earning the respect of others, he established himself as one of the top 'go to' artists in the area for a classic record, whether his vocals are needed for a sexy and passionate R&B hook or his rhymes and wisdom are needed for a Hip Hop collaboration. So keep your eyes and ears focused on Brandon Marcel as he creates his lane within the RnB/Hip Hop culture. ... more

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